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Our secure booking platform enables you to book a room in a few clicks. You can choose between different ranges of room, from the single room to the 4 persons suite. In order to guide you as well as possible during your stay in Paris, concierge services, catering and transportation will be available once on site, and this simply on request.

Triple confort
  • 3 persons maximum
  • 2 persons maximum
  • Double bed
  • TV
  • Shower
  • Desk
  • Storage
  • Collective toilets
  • Free WiFi

Ideal solution for a trip with family or friends, the triple comfort room can easily hold up to 3 people. It is suitable for a short as well as a long stay if you intend to visit Paris. Located nearby transport, functional, modern and elegant, it extends the charm of each trip to Paris to the hotel room. The triple comfort ils the perfect combination of storage, comfort and serenity.